Where do you source your flowers from?

Where don’t we source our flowers from? From May to October we get the vast majority of our product from the growers at the Local Flower Collective - who we handily share a studio with in The Junction.

We also source a lot of product from Holland, Ecuador, Colombia, Italy, Israel, South Africa, and beyond, especially during the colder months when the availability of local product isn’t super diverse.

That said, we are happy to accomodate special requests for orders or events using all-local product.

Do you have a shop where I can order flowers from?

We run a studio-based practice and do not have bricks-and-mortar shop. That said, it’s not uncommon that we have extra stems in the cooler to play with, so if you’d like to order some flowers it never hurts to ask! Just shoot us an email and if we can accommodate you order, we will - otherwise we’ll be happy to recommend you to one of our flower friends in the city.

Why do you have a minimum spend for events?

Where most people work from Monday to Friday and get paid a set rate based on the hours they work, 95% of the work we do leads up to a single event that takes place on a Saturday or Sunday. As such, we really make our entire week’s salary in one or two days. We understand how expensive it is to pay for a wedding, but we also want to be able to give our clients our full attention. Lowering our minimum would lead to a business model wherein we take on more events per week, upping our stress and killing our creativity.

How far in advance do I need to book my wedding flowers?

We generally start planning with our clients 6-12 months out. As a rule we don’t usually start quoting clients for events more than one year leading up to an event as market prices, product availability, and contractor wages are subject to change from year to year.

How much does the average couple spend on wedding flowers?

There is no average. Couples generally spend around 10% of their total budget on florals, or more if they want large-scale installations.

Do you offer packages?

No. Because prices can vary so much based on a client’s individual preferences and the spacial and logistical circumstances of individual venues, we create custom quotes after we’ve had a chance to chat with you a bit more, either over the phone or in person. Please feel free to fill out the form in the Weddings & Events section of this website to get the conversation started!

Do you do events other than weddings?

Yes! We love to do photo shoots, editorial work, corporate events, standing orders, installations, and pop-ups. Shoot us an email with your ideas!

How quickly can I expect a response after I reach out to you for a quote?

Floristry is far from a desk job. Our team is small and we are generally working with flowers in the studio or onsite installing an event, so we are unable to answer emails at the same rapidfire speed as someone who works at an office. Generally you can expect a response within 2 business days, however we are usually unable to answer emails on the weekends during our busy season.

If a full week has gone by with no response, shoot us another email! Technical glitches do happen and there’s no harm reaching out to make sure we’ve received your message.